Pure M Magazine Cognition Review

Made up of members from Scotland, Ireland and Argentina, Makings is a multi-national electro-rock act that‘s been having a lot of success as of late. With critical acclaim coming from The Mail on Sunday and airplay on stations such as RTE 2FM. Sunshine 106.8 and Amazing Radio, the quartet’s recent rise was triggered by the release of their album, Cognition, in October.
Featuring fourteen tracks, it starts with the sprightly synths and arresting riffs of “iClone“. A speedy serenade ensues to excite as the music remains riveting in the background. It all stays quick and compelling on the way forward. forging an energetic opener ahead of the intense electronics of “Heart Attack‘. There’s a futuristic feel to this endearing endeavour. sounding like something from the soundtrack of an eighties sci-Ii film. “Dig” is a cool composition that chills through sobering stanzas and invigorating choruses. before the mellower mood of “Lunatic” takes over. Things become more pressing as they progress. resulting in a penetrating piece that makes a powerful impact. ‘Let’s Touch Me’ is laid-back afterwards, while still staying speedy and enticing. The outcome is an animated effort that has a lot going on in it. There’s a sense of urgency to the instrumentation that introduces “46A’. before it begins to build enthrallingly towards a cutting chorus. It’s a forceful affair that’s followed by the frantic synths of “Man on Fire‘. Solemn singing soon sets in. but it‘s the enlivening electronics that steal the show. ‘Suffocate’ succeeds it by keeping quick beneath a high-pitched harmony, which evolves into u vigorous vocal volley amid rapid riffs and percussion.
“She’s Got the Lips” reverberates effectively in the direction of the dance-like beat of “Mythomania“, while “Icarus” veers back towards a more mainstream rock sound. ‘The Woolgatherer” starts sombre next, but eventually erupts into a quick and captivating chorus. “Nazarene‘ is a lighter addition in its wake. remaining relaxing through smooth instrumentation and vivid vocals. “No Turning Back“ takes over then with enchanting acoustic guitars and a hushed harmony. Its pace is purposeful as it gradually grows into an epic ending.

Makings have made an extraordinarily engrossing electro-rock record which remains robust as it unfolds. Each of its offerings are well executed and engaging, meaning that there’s not a mundane moment to be found throughout. Check it out on Bandcamp now.
— Dave Simpson, Pure M Magazine