Pure M Live Review: Wozniak and Makings at The Grand Social Dublin

As a shoegaze fan, I went to this gig almost entirely to see Wozniak as they had come all the way over to Ireland from Edinburgh and were supposed to be headlining. It disappointed me to see them up first, but when god gives you lemons you just gotta make lemonade.
For those of you who are not familiar with Wozniak, they are a “shoegaze” band from Edinburgh that combine sounds as diverse as those center to the sounds of Tool, Limp Bizkit, Muse and drone rock specialists Kyuss.
Such a phenomenal introduction from Wozniak, it was from the moment they kicked off the noise was brought to the forefront. Lead singer Sarah gives off the impression of a young Kim Gordon. In amongst the madness of the first few songs, there was only one discernible instrument and this was the bass guitar.
The bass guitar was the main drive for most of this gig, as were the drums, you’re only as good as your rhythm section as they say. The songs were mostly noise rock/metal with heavy elements of post-rock, for you Mogwai heads. It gradually shifted towards the end with more groove orientated hip hop esque noisy groovy Led Zeppelin loveliness that stomped like fuck, due to the drums n bass. The last track erupted like a massive earthquake designed to fuck up your ears.
if Wozniak’s mission was to completely assault your brain, make it tingle and steep your mood in calmness and intensity at the same time, then they are successful as fuck. I would like to see them again live playing to a massive tent full of drunks at the bottom of Mount Fuji.
Next up the headliners: Makings, Dublin locals. The only other Irish band that I can compare them to are, the now defunct northern Ireland band “kharma45”. Makings pulled 100% of the punches from the second they walked onto the stage. They performed everything from “Neo Kraftwerk” style, electropop to a more psychedelic blend of “Bloc Party”, with syncopated drums and phat synths.
Their vocals are comparable to “GnR”, their show, in general, was a big clusterfuck of all over the place elements. With minimal amounts of shoegaze to big Nine Inch Nailsish guitars to the dubstep beats of “heart attack”, we were treated to a variety of things of which seem to be the “Makings”(pun definitely intended) of a great band.
— Robert Mulhern