Hot Press Interview

Electro-rock band Makings formed in 2011. The four-piece are an eclectic mix of Scottish, Irish, and Argentinian. The band cite Depeche Mode, Foals, dance music and anything that gets people moving as an influence on their sound. “When we started off we were very folky, as things progressed we got more electronic. Now we are more like an electro rock band with distorted guitars,” Barry explains.
After an extensive tour of Britain in 2015, they released their debut album, Cognition. The LP was produced by Chris Potter, who had previously worked with U2, the Rolling stones, and Blur.
“We wanted to get somebody with a name, we felt that would help sell the album and make people aware of the album, Barry explains. “We sent him the tracks, he liked the,. He did a very good job on the album. The band re-entered the studio in January to begin working on new material. “It’s going great, the new tracks are sounding class. hopefully by the summer, we will have a few singles to release. We enjoy being in the studio. It’s great to see the fruits of your labour.”
Recently they signed a new distribution for Cognition and their “biggest goal for the summer is to get into the festival market.” Makings are playing Sweeney’s next month.
“We’ll probably test some of the new stuff we’ve been working on and see how people react to it.
— Hot Press