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FORKSTER Few Words On: Makings
Makings are an absolutely phenomenal electro rock sound/band that hail out of Dublin, Ireland!Their exceptional overall musicianship as well as their extraordinary array of genre diversity talents from the rock and electronic vibe worlds was nothing short of sensational. They took my ear music modules on tremendous music atmosphere trips to the massive worlds of synth-pop, alternative rock, post-punk era brilliance, 4AD recording artists charms, industrial rock landscapes and then some!
There once was a ‘back in the day’ dominance presences for the electronic rock category and we still have the upper echelon ones in the mainstream from Depeche Mode to THE CURE to Nine Inch Nails, but we will be in extremely secure music ear hands for years to come when being led ‘onwards & upwards’ with the electro-rock music artists on the rise today!
Musician Breakdowns:
Vocals – The leads are radiating with those wonderful top post-punk/synthpop charismas and I truly couldn’t get enough of their incredible airs entirely! It also should be noted that overall band vocal harmonies were just incredible in definition and music body, extraordinary inclusions!
Guitar – ‘Snarling & Growling’ guitars hooks are striking in music bite and really were pumping out ‘thrills & chills’ resemblances from class ‘Bowie’ atmosphere might to supreme top guitar greats of the atmospheric alternative rock/shoegaze dimensions like ‘Kitchens Of Distinction’.
Drums – The stick actions were really captivating throughout with steady and grooving beats and had a really confident control/trust for them, great vibes here!
Bass – The low-end boom maestro was ‘pounding & estounding’ in dropping in those rhythm thunders that kept the overall music balance completely tight at all times!
Synths – These for me really stood out in being the spectacular music backbone for ‘Makings’ remarkable stand and with the amazing usages of sequencers/samples and hitting those synthesizer influence music making skies they were after, they just really championed at it! The electro vibe in combination with the throttling rock feels were totally convincing !