About us

Makings are a four piece electro-rock act inspired by bands such as LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode. They mangle modern electro with traditional instruments, creating a contemporary sound that you are dared not to dance to. Since the release of their debut album in 2015, they have toured internationally and have made appearances at Vantastival (IRL) , Swell Festival (IRL), YouBloom Festival (IRL) , Blogtober (UK), Lechlade Music Festival (UK), The Monarch (UK) , Proud Camden (UK), The Balor Theatre (IRL) and many other venues around UK and Ireland. This summer they also released three singles 'Blackhole', 'Pulse' and 'Beck N Call' from their forthcoming second album. Blackhole and Beck N Call features newest recruit Cairon420 on rap duties. Expect to see many more releases throughout 2018 from this ever-evolving live act.